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Welcome to Gearheads Workshops

Classes We Offer

Step into our cutting-edge makerspace and explore the exciting world of welding and metalworking. Gearhead Workshops offers a diverse range of welding classes and workshops to fuel your creativity.


Gain valuable skills from experienced instructors through our hands-on, project-based training.

What Our Clients Say

“Just finished up the MIG I workshop and had an absolute blast.
Our teacher, Bill, is so knowledgeable and manages to keep the atmosphere fun and light.
I walked out more confident in my abilities and he lets us know the realities of welding which is very insightful.
Absolutely worth the money and time and will be taking more classes there soon."

Justin M.
Placentia, CA

Gearhead Workshops' state-of-the-art makerspace in Los Angeles, offering hands-on welding classes like MIG welding, TIG welding, and artistic welding workshops.

About the Makerspace

Discover Gearhead Workshops' state-of-the-art makerspace in Los Angeles, one of the most comprehensive makerspaces featuring a fully-equipped machine shop, welding shop, and woodworking section with heavy-duty industrial equipment, offering hands-on welding classes designed for DIY welding hobbyists to learn MIG welding and TIG welding techniques using their own equipment or ours, providing an opportunity to test drive different welders before purchase, with small class sizes for personalized one-on-one guidance from experienced instructors to efficiently learn welding techniques, in addition to artistic welding workshops to unleash creativity and fabricate unique metal sculptures and designs, proudly veteran-owned.

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