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Welcome to Gearheads Workshops

Imagine going into your garage, driveway or yard and pulling out your tools and repairing or maintaining your bike. Being your own mechanic is not as hard as it seems with a little help from an instructor. This way you can stay on top of things, instead of being blind sided by a break down. Get it done faster, cheaper by doing it yourself.

Don't have a garage, driveway or yard? No worries, we have a community motocycle garage CMG in Los Angeles that is set up just like a dealer's shop. The difference is you're the mechanic! After taking Gearheads' classes you will be able to do just as good a job at a great price. Even if you get stuck, there will be other Gearheads like me to guide you through to successful completion.

We also have a one of the most comprensive makerspace in Los Angles, complete with a machine shop, welding shop and wood working section with heavy old school industrial equipment. We offer short term welding classes oriented toward the DIY hobbyist to get you up to speed quickly in using your own Mig or Tig welder or ours. The nice thing about this is it gives you an opportunity to take a welder out for a test drive before you buy it. Our small welding classes allows for more one on one interaction between you and your instructor.

Our welding classes are perfect for artists, designers and other creatives that would like to learn how to work with metal. You can create furniture, art and sculpture with an exciting old media.

Custom Welding
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