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Aluminum Tig Welding Class




One Day Workshop

About the Course

This class should not be attempted without first taking the intro to Tig welding class and having some torch time preceding this class.

This is a continuation of your journey in learning to Tig weld and now adding the challenge of welding Aluminum and stainless steel. This class introduces you to welding with AC current for Aluminum and how to tune a welder to give you the best outcome. You will learn how to prep the metal as cleanliness is very important. If you are looking at welders it is important to find the ideal machine with the features that will help you achieve success while you are developing your skills. You get to take our affordable import welder for a test drive to help you decide which one is best for you.

Without a coach Aluminum can be very frustrating because you have to deliver some specific moves and it is hard to tell by yourself if you are doing it correctly. You could in fact be practicing bad habits that will only lengthen your learning curve. But with a welding coach watching and correcting your moves you'll be on a better path in understanding what you need to do. The class will provide you with a series of exercises to practice to build your skills. Our Aluminum Tig Welding class is small which allows for more one on one training and supervision.

Your Instructor

Bill Needham

Bill Needham

Bill received industrial arts training while in High School, which included training in all facets of welding. While serving in the military he continued his training and work experience. His experience spans 40 years working as prop maker in the movie industry, metal fabricator, motorcycle mechanic and marine engineer.

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