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Motorcycle / Scooter Repair Class




4 Weeks

About the Course

I'm conducting a 4 week course that covers the main fundamentals of motorcycle maintenance and repair. Its a front to rear wheel approach where we take a journey through all the systems that comprise a motorcycle. It is a hands-on-course and not just theory . Theory will be thoroughly discussed and broken down in layman terms so that everyone will understand but the class has hands on labs as well. We will be working from course notes (provided), lectures and lab. One of the most important things that you'll learn is how to analyze faults and how to approach the problem. A repair manual would have to be as thick as a phone book to cover all of the tricks of the trade that you would learn through this course. This is one of the most important skill sets, is tracing through the fault tree, because there can be multiple problems and you have to learn to isolate them. You will also learn good work practices so you don't get lost and end up with a bunch parts that you can't remember where they go. You will learn to work with specialized tools, how to identify parts using parts diagrams and how to grind the dealers for better prices.

Your Instructor

Bill Needham

Bill Needham

Bill received industrial arts training while in High School, which included training in all facets of automotive repair. While serving in the military he continued his training and work experience. His experience spans 40 years working as prop maker in the movie industry, metal fabricator, powersports mechanic and marine engineer.

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