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Tig Welding Class for Beginners




One Day Workshop

About the Course

This workshop introduces you to the equipment and process and techniques for welding metals the TIG way. Though you can weld mild steel with a TIG welder it is mainly used to weld reactive metals like Aluminum or high chromium metals such as stainless steel. This process yields welds with more consistent heat penetration, higher quality welds . To be successful you need to understand the variables and how to set up the machine for the task, prepping metal and what the process requires from the torch bearer. When trying to learn by yourself or through Youtube you can end up being stuck in an endless loop by reinforcing bad techniques or poor set ups. With guided instruction to keep you on track you are able to achieve better more repeatable results, in less time. The effort is well worth it with the quality and strength of the welds. Our classes are small and allow for more one on one supervision, which achieves better results from a short form class. The beginners class covers welding mild steel. Aluminum and stainless welding are coverd in the Advanced Tig welding class.

This process is great for DIY, car restoration, offroad builds and mods and home improvements. This welding class is oriented toward the hobbyist and enthusiast. It is short form that gives you the fundamentals to get you started on a good path. Our classes cover metal prep, setting up the machine, protective equipment and gear along with the basic hand techniques to deliver what the process requires. At the end of the class you will understand what equipment to buy and the fundamentals of the process which you can take home to continue to practice. You can also opt to become a member of Gearheads and use our shop and continue to get some supervision. It is tons of fun and you will learn a valuable life skill. Please note our classes are small limited to 5 students. This greatly improves the learning experience with more one-on-one supervision from the instructor. We are well reviewed on Google and Yelp (5 Stars). If you have any further question please call or text us at (310)936-9733. Note, if you decide to sign up by clicking the button you will be directed to our Meetup Group site that handles our scheduling or you can register directly as well. Thank you.

Your Instructor

Bill Needham

Bill Needham

Bill received industrial arts training while in High School, which included training in all facets of welding. While serving in the military he continued his training and work experience. His experience spans 40 years working as prop maker in the movie industry, metal fabricator, motorcycle mechanic and marine engineer.

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