MIG Welding Course: Advanced Level
Course timing: 7pm - 10pm
Dates: To be announced
Cost: Tuition: $220


This is a continuation of the previous unit of this series, Intro to MIG welding. It is not a requirement but you will find it easier to complete this class if you have taken the Intro.

In the previous class you learned how to work with the equipment to weld thin mild steel with different types of joints with easier welding positions. In this workshop you will tackle working with working metals of greater thickness and the challenges that poses and how to meet them. In the real world of welding as you construct something the welding positions can become more challenging and the techniques have to be modified to accommodate your working conditions.

You will be working with much thicker metals but also very thin sheet metal (26 gauge) which will all present a whole new set of challenges. The instruction will walk you through the set up and the proper techniques to meet the challenges of welding almost paper thin metal. This becomes important if you want to make a custom gas tank, side covers or all steel or aluminum side cases. 

You will learn the set up, techniques and procedure for welding Aluminum and stainless steel. You will be introduced to the Spoolmate(tm) spool gun. Topics covered will be joint prep, machine set up, shielding gases, wire sizes and gun techniques. 

We will provide top of the line Miller welders, welding helmets, protective gear. You will provide jeans or the equivalent material, closed shoes, no sandals or flip flops or shorts. You should also bring a baseball cap to prevent any burns from flying embers. If you forget no worries we will provide one for you but can't guarantee it to be free of cooties:o)

After this class you can reinforce your skill by joining Protopia the makerspace we are setting up where you can come and in and practice your newly acquired skills in the welding shop on your own and with some supervision if you need it. You can bring in project and weld to your hearts content.

Registration: There is very limited seating for this class so you must register in advance to reserve a seat. Refunds for a class once you are registered are only possible if you notify us at least 2 weeks before the classes starts. After that time window there are no refunds but you can attend the class at a future date when your schedule permits.

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