DIY Motorcycle Repair

If your bike breaks down, you have to call the dealer & see if he can schedule in. Then arrange for a tow or trailer. Then you wait and finally you pay and boy do you pay. Then you find that the problems is not quite fixed & you do it again. Stop this madness and Do it yourself. You can do it with training & guidance from Gearheads. You can do quality work because you won't rush it and will do it right. Dealer mechanics are not gods, they started out just like you & many of them are just starting out, so why not you? What are you waiting for start your wrenching! Save money, save time & get quality work.

      On-site Equipment



Have you ever spent 60 minutes working on your knees? Are you trying to figure out how to remove your front wheel without your bike falling on you? Have you ever dreamed to have your own complete equipped garage but the cost to own one is just too high? We have all the solutions here, right at “Your Dream Garage”.


To work on a bike safely and comfortably you need a lift table with a wheel chock. Just like the ones you see at the dealership. It makes you more productive and secure. We have them at Gearheads along with all the tools and machinery that you need to get your service done.


      What Do We Have To Offer?


We provide spacious, clean and neat work environment, professional grade hand tools, air tools, electronic tools, the latest and most advanced scan tools, as well as the common vehicle service and repair machinery equipment, and a well-designed casual environment that you will feel very comfortable working here. We also offer low pricing rates and various discount packages to make our service affordable for any average DIY enthusiast.

We would like everyone who enjoys working-on-their own cars to have a chance to save time, money and even get a better quality of work. Most importantly, you will be able to completely unleash your passion. In Your Dream Garage, the customer experience is our first priority. Our goal is to make this place your second home.


        How Do You Save
Money By Using Our Shop?


Let’s do some simple math. It would easily go over $10,000 for someone to set up an motocycle work-shop with all the necessary tools and bike lift table. That figure does not even include most of the basic machinery in a shop such as a air compressor, tire balancer, tire machine and hydraulic press.  Some tools you would only use once in a few years, which is very cost inefficient. It would take you 400 hours (40 years at 10 hours a year) at our rates to pay the full cost of building the garage we have.  You can use our shop one time or as many times as you want for a fraction of the cost.  There is no minimum or maximum.  It is pay per use.

Want to see how our services work? Please go to our home page and select the service you are interested from the top menu bar.



Where is GH Workshop located?


We are located in Harbor City California off the 110 and Lomita.


What are GH Workshop's operating hours?


Is open on weekends from 11:00am to 6:00pm. During the week by appointment.


I have never repaired anything in my life. Can anyone really learn this?


Yes! We all start out the same way knowing nothing. When you learn from someone that has been doing this for a long time, you benefit by their experience in learning about the system, tools and techniques to do the service properly. Not all the info is in a book or Youtube. In fact a Youtube my steer you down the wrong path and may cause you to damage your bike rather than fix it.


What type of classes does GH Workshop offer?


We offer several types of classes:


Safety and Basic Use (SBU) classes are designed to provide you with basic safety training on a specific tool or machine.


Pathway classes are offered as building blocks to help you meet your project goals.


Project classes offer instruction in the specific techniques necessary to complete an in-class project.


See the Take Classes page for a complete list of currently offered classes.


Do I have to be a member to take classes?


No! Anyone can take classes at GH Workshop. (For safety reasons, some classes have minimum-age requirements.) Taking a class is a great way for you to pick up new skills and experience the many ways in which a GH Workshop membership can empower you first hand. You do have to be a member to use the DIY garage, it is not open to the general public.


What tools and equipment does GH Workshop provide its members?


We provide our members access to just about every machine, tool and process that you can imagine, including milling machines and lathes, laser cutters, sheet metal equipment, welding equipment, an indoor automotive work bay, woodworking equipment including a 4' x 8' CNC (computer numerically controlled) ShopBot router, plastics working equipment, hand tools, 3D printers, CNC vinyl cutters, sewing machines, design software and lots more.


Can I use any tool or machine in the shop?


Yes, as soon as you have taken and passed the Safety and Basic Use (SBU) class for that tool or machine, if one is required

Many of the tools and some of the machines at GH Workshop DO NOT have an SBU. However, for safety reasons, if a machine can injure you or can be damaged through improper use, then you must first take and pass the related SBU.


Can I reserve time on a machine?


Yes! With an active GH Workshop membership, you can reserve time on any machine in advance of your visit by calling the GH Workshop front desk.


How much does a GH Workshop membership cost?


For current membership pricing and offers, see the Membership page. Your GH Workshop membership is good at all GH Workshop locations nationwide.


How do I cancel or get a refund for a GH Workshop membership or class?


See the Payments, Refunds and Cancellations page for complete details.


Can my kids work on projects and take classes with me at GH Workshop?


See here for our complete family policies.


Kids and young adults (12 to 17 years of age) can work on projects at GH Workshop under the direct supervision of a parent or legal guardian if they are included in your membership. (Call and ask about Family Membership offers.)


Many classes at GH Workshop are open to kids and young adults (12 to 17 years of age) when they are taken with their parent or legal guardian. Please see the Family Policies & Guidelines for more information.


Children under 12 years of age are not permitted to enter the workshop areas at GH Workshop except during staff guided tours, age-appropriate classes and certain special events.


If I run into difficulty in doing a service or a project can I get pro help?


Besides DIY we also offer full service repair with mechanics that have over 30 years experience with old school bikes and modern fuel injected models. We can assist or do the whole task at a rate that will be easy on your pocket book plus we can explain what is critical service and what is recommend so you won't be over sold, which is what happens in many dealerships.


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