Feb 26th

Gearheads 1 Day Maintenance & Repair Bootcamp: Entry level
Course Schedule: 12pm - 5pm
Dates: Feb 26th
Cost: Tuition: $95


I have been getting request for shorter workshops for those that want to get a basic understanding of their bikes inner workings.

 This is a 6 hour distillation of my popular 5 week workshop for those of you that are time challenged in attending that class. It establishes a core understanding of how a bike works and when it doesn't how to diagnose the culprit using methods found in practice in any motorcycle dealership. I chop up the bike into smaller systems and sub systems and as I do, understanding what makes the bike tick becomes easier to understand. Then I introduce the villains that can act upon these systems and degrade performance and eventually lead to failure. You will learn about preventative maintenance, catching a break down before it happens. The bike is trying to tell you that something is wrong but many people don't heed the warnings or are oblivious to them. This eventually leads to breakdowns in inconvenient circumstances.




  • Basic tool kit for maintaining your bike. 

  • Supplies List. Parts resources.

  • How engines work and what they need to continued to work. (Bad practices to avoid)

  • Fuel systems: Carburetors and fuel injection. Meet the frenemy Gasoline. (Bad practices to avoid)

  • Electrical systems: Ignition, battery and charging. Meet the enemies of the electrical grid on your bike. (Bad practices to avoid)

  • Cooling systems 

  • Brakes Final drive: chain and shaft drive Wheels & tires

  • Safety check and general maintenance. 

  • Things to check for in buying a used bike. 

  • Winterizing your bike for the long rainy days ahead.

  • This is the core of what I will be teaching in the bootcamp as this is packing a lot into 6 hours. In 6 hours your perspective will change about your bike. In won't seem as intimidating to do your basic maintenance and minor repairs.

  • Bring your bike and and your questions about any issues you may have.

Registration: There is very limited seating for this class so you must register in advance to reserve a seat. Refunds for a class once you are registered are only possible if you notify us at least 2 weeks before the classes starts. After that time window there are no refunds but you can attend the class at a future date when your schedule permits.

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