Get on the Ground Floor with Gearheads Workshops!

Gearheads Workshops is prepared and ready for 2017 and so should you! We have spent much of 2016 obtaining new heavy duty machine tools and equipment while organizing the workshop space. The new workshop space is a HUGE over 3360 square feet of space in Harbor City, CA near the PCH and the 110 freeway. Gearheads Workshops is a space thought up and envisioned by pioneer and leader Bill to bring in all likes of people who love motorcycles and have passion projects whether it's for art, business or transportation. This space is for the average person to learn about motorcycle repair in a safe and friendly environment, to apply hands on what you learn and meet like-minded gear wrenchers. The very best motorcycle tools have been obtained by Bill such as motorcycle lifts, metric and SAE tools, welding machines, stands, torque wrenches, safety equipment, sockets, carburetor and fuel injected synchronizers, chain tools and more. Any project is possible!

Whether it's an introductory motorcycle repair day class, the 5 week motorcycle and scooter repair course, a full engine rebuild class, TIG welding and MIG welding, or access to all of the equipments and workspace, we have various options to fit your needs.

Please be sure to get in early before summer hits as classes will fills up. Rates may be susceptible to change. Save a ton of money and empower yourself by doing the work yourself. Gain confidence and don't be left stranded in a strange town. This is now our time!!

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