If you would like to brush up on your skills or need a recap of what you learned in high school shop or even if you do not have any woodworking experience then check out our classes.  From beginner to advanced we're confident you will find something worth your while.  If you are looking for something different please let us know. 




Classes (membership not required)


Whether you want to become a member or take classes the first step is to take Safety Orientation.  We run 2-3 Safety Orientations per week; they tend to fill up about a week in advance.  To reserve a spot check out the class schedule.

Metal Workshop

Wood Workshop

Makers Machine Shop

Makers Wood Shop

  • Powermatic Table Saw


    Doall 30" Bandsaw variable )


    20" Powermatic Planer


    8" Rockwell Jointer


    Panel Saw


    2 Powermatic shapers


    Max Spindle Sander


    Jet Wood Lathes


    Router Table


    Rockwell VS Drill Press​


    Stroke Sander 96"


    48" Horizontal belt sander




Hegner Scroll Saw

Leitch Mortise & Tenon Jig
Leitch Dovetail jig
Jig Saw
and more...
  • Bridgeport Mill​


    Jet Engine Lathe 13"


    1 Doall Bandsaws (30 inch )


    Nugier 40 ton press


    Johnson Horizontal Bandsaw


    Tennsmith 48" Box & pan brake

    Tennsmith 52" shear


    Radial Drill press


    Miller Mig welders


    Linde 250A Tig welder


    Inverter Tig Welder


    Hypertherm Plasma cutter


    Diacro Tube bender #4


    Deburing & Polishing wheels

  • Kitamura Mycenter CNC





  • Sand blasting cabinet


    Compound Miter Saw


    Band Saws (14x14 inch)

    Hand Held Circular Saw


    20" Disc sander


    Wet Belt sander


    Drill Press​


    Disk and Belt Sander

    Diacro Press Brake 17 ton

    Spot Welder 17 KVA

    Haberle 14" Cold saw

    Piranha Iron Worker



  • 48" Vinyl Cutter

  • 24" vinyl cutter

  • Hopkins 6/6 screen printer

  • Melco embroidery machine

  • 3d printers

  • CNC Engravers

  • Laser engravers and cutting

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