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Engine Rebuilding

Engine Rebuilding Course: Entry Level

Saturday for 4 weeks. Check our Meetup Group for current schedule  9:00am to 12:30pm
Cost: $385

This class focuses on the engine only and is a hands on program on how to properly disassemble, organize and inspect the internal engine components for rebuilding. This is brought about due to undesirable engine operating characteristics such as blue smoke, low power, rough idle or in the extreme engine knock or seizure.  Any engine can be rebuilt but this is an extremely costly procedure at a dealer ($2,500-$6.000) and the dealer rarely does any of the work themselves. They pull the engine and take it to a machine shop to have it rebuilt. They then install the rebuilt engine back in the bike and add up to $1,500 to the machine shops charges.

When you know how to tear down the engine yourself tho you can save even more. An engine can in some instances be rebuilt for as little as $300. Most rebuilds entail refurbishing the top end of the engine (cylinders, rings, pistons and valves) rarely does it get into the bottom end (tho bottom end will be covered as well).  In this class we will tear down at least two engines and you will observe and participate in removing cam chains, cams, heads, pulling cylinders and pistons. You will learn how to organize and "kit" the parts for the machine shop. You will learn how to do inspections and measurements to determine if excessive wear has occurred and if the parts are out of specification.  We will make a field trip to a local machine shop to see the back end process of boring out cylinders, decking heads and cases, you will learn how to grind valves and seats.  The whole process will make sense to you and you will make a new life long friend with the machine shop, who for $40 per hour can make amazing things for you and bring back engines from the dead.

You will also learn about how to restore the appearance of the engine. Once you have it out why not shine up those Aluminum valve and side covers. I will show you how to make the nastiest covers shine like mirrors and add $$$$ to the value of the project. You will learn about chrome plating and painting techniques to make it look like new.

I will provide tools and engines or you could bring one of your own bike engines.

 We will meet for 4 successive weekends. 

Registration: There is very limited seating for this class so you must register in advance to reserve a seat. Refunds for a class once you are registered are only possible if you notify us at least 2 weeks before the classes starts. After that time window there are no refunds but you can attend the class at a future date when your schedule permits.

Advanced Engine Rebuilding Gearhead Workshops


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