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MIG Welding Course: Entry Level

Tuition: $250 includes materials & supplies

Classes currently being offered

This workshop introduces you to the principles of metal inert gas welding aka MIG welding and GMAW gas metal arc welding, lots a names but you can call me mig for short. This is one of the easiest arc welding processes to learn and is useful in repairing and modifying bikes or building custom parts. You will learn how the process works and what are the advantages and disadvantages of the process. Equipment will be covered in detail along with safety considerations while using the process To be successful at mig welding you need to learn the key factors that will lead you down the path for creating strong, consistent weldments.  Guided practice with an instructor.


You will learn about basic metallurgy as it relates to the mig process ie what metals that can be welded, their characteristics, mechanical properties, grain structure, and effects of heat. Planning and organizing your project so you don't set yourself up for a bunch of awkward welding situations (build it on paper). What are the basic metal profiles available for my project (rod, tube, plate etc). Joint options for appearance and strength.

Shop safety and how NOT to feel the burn. This discussion weaves tools and safety gear and safe working techniques to avoid injury. The fun stops if you get hurt. We don't want you getting hurt. For this class and all welding classes you will be required to wear long pants preferably thick jeans, long sleeve shirts and shoes (no open toe shoes, shorts). We will provide jackets and or leathers and helmets. Gloves because they are a personal items can be purchased at the class or you can buy it at a welding supply store.


Cutting and preparing stock profiles for welding. Jigs and clamps to assist you, along with other tools. Tacking stock together and untacking....oops.


The MIG machine: details of how to set it up, what gases to use, what wires and sizes to use, how the controls work and checking your gun for optimal operation plus much more.

In summary this is a fun intro class into a popular welding process that can serve you well into the future. You can watch all you want on Youtube but you can only develop skill by practicing and doing. Class size is currently limited to 6 people.


Minors under the age of 18 must be accompanied by their guardian, who also must be enrolled (at a discount of $20)

Registration: There is very limited seating for this class so you must register in advance to reserve a seat. Refunds for a class once you are registered are only possible if you notify us at least 2 weeks before the classes starts. After that time window there are no refunds but you can attend the class at a future date when your schedule permits. Please go to our Meetup group where we maintain our class schedule and registration in the links below.


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