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Screen Printing

Screen Printing Basics: Shirts & Posters

Cost: $175 includes inks screens and shirts, poster materials.

Course Hours: 6pm - 9pm

This is an introductory class to the process of screen printing. No previous experience is necessary as we will guide you through the entire process.

You will learn how to create film positives from art work that you have created in either Photoshop, illustrator or Corel Draw. Note it is beyond the scope of this class to cover the creation of artwork. The film positive is then exposed to a photo emulsion on a screen stretched to a frame. The image is processed to create a stencil of the artwork you created in reverse of the film positive. This class will teach you how to do spot colors limited to two colors. These can be letters and images but no gradients or halftones. We will teach this technique in a future class. We will teach you in this workshop how to set up our 6 color press, prepare your ink and print on either t-shirts or posters. You can cure and dry your prints and you will have a nice product you can take home and the experience on how to do it yourself.

After taking the class you can join our makerspace and continue to learn by creating more items. You can screen print on just about anything. We have monthly memberships that give you access to the equipment without having to spend thousands in setting up your own.

The class does not include the costs of shirts or poster prints. You can bring your own or we can provide them for you. Just let us know in advance what sizes and colors you will need.

T-shirts are our form of tribal art, serigraphs allow you to print on papers that you cannot run through many Giclée printers. This workshop is fun and informative come join us and learn how to print.


Hopkins/BWM 6 color 6 station press with micro's

Hix 10' 6 platen dryer

Amerigraph 5K watt point source expo unit

Olec Olite 5K watt expo unit large format

M&R Daytona Automatic automatic Press (posters)
Drying rack
Washout booth
Epson Artisan 1430 film positive printer with all black inks
Reclamation dip tank
Drying cabinet
Geo Knight Heat Press
Stahl Hotronix Cap press
Practix dual station semi automatic heat press
Dye Sublimation

screen printing class
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