TIG Welding Course: Entry Level

Cost: $275 includes materials & supplies

Tungsten Inert Gas welding or TIG for short is welding in the slow lane. From your motorcycle frame to the International Space Station anytime human life is at stake or if aesthetics are important or both, you break out your TIG welder.


This workshop introduces you to the equipment and process and techniques for welding metals the TIG way. Though you can weld mild steel with a TIG welder it is mainly used to weld reactive metals like Aluminum or high chromium metals such as stainless steel. This process yields welds with more consistent heat penetration, higher quality welds but it is more difficult to master and it is a slower process. To be successful you need to understand the variables and how to set up the machine and the task. When trying to learn by yourself or through Youtube you can end up being stuck in an endless loop by reinforcing bad techniques or poor set ups. With guided instruction to keep you on track you are able to achieve better more repeatable results, in less time. As your personal welding coach, I can guide you on how to finesse the torch with your hand, showing you the proper form so you can deliver what the process needs for you to succeed.


You can use the TIG process to do repairs on your bike where appearance is as important as strength. You can use it for custom fabrication of panniers, top cases or farings whereby you can make patterns out of heavy paper then cut thin sheet metal from the patterns and tack them together. You can then weld the segments together, grind and polish the welds and make them disappear. But that will take a bit of time and practice but the process is only limited by the imagination.


After the intro you are welcome to come into the shop for open practice time with or without supervision.

You will be working on state of the art inverter welders. As part of the class I will also offering live reviews of some of the best imported and affordable inverter welders on the market. We will be also be teaching you on the old school iron core transformer technology which still has a place especially with respect to cost.


Yada, Yada, Yada no open toe shoes or shorts bring your baseball hat or yarmulke to cover your head. Though TIG generates no spatter IF its done right you are after all beginners and anything can happen.

Tuition for the class is $275 which includes material fees.

About the instructor:I learned the craft in trade school and went into the service where I worked as a fabricator and learned knew skills and machinery. I have been blessed to be exposed to a number of trades and over the years I have worked as a prop fabricator for the film industry continuing to hone my MIG and TIG skills. This is one of the best and most useful skills I have ever learned and it will serve you for your entire life. 


Registration: There is very limited seating for this class so you must register in advance to reserve a seat. Refunds for a class once you are registered are only possible if you notify us at least 2 weeks before the classes starts. After that time window there are no refunds but you can attend the class at a future date when your schedule permits. Please go to our Meetup group where we maintain our class schedule and registration in the links below.

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